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Lose Belly Fat With Avocado - 5 Benefits!

Now I want to talk about one of my favorite fruits(!) today and that of course is the avocado.
This is one truly great food, once admired by the Aztecs and many other cultures for its properties. The reason we love it though is of course for its health benefits, it's great taste and it's ability to help us lose belly fat!
After all, we need to find out which foods are going to help us towards getting sexy abs as it is 80% of your program anyway.
So the reason that the avocado is such a great food to help you with stomach fat is given here in 5 main points:

  1. It contains nearly 20 vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients
  2. It contains Oelic acid which helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood
  3. It has amazing healing properties in general for the skin, the blood, sexual problems, skin disorders and more
  4. It will help to increase your resting metabolic rate which will help you lose stomach fat
  5. It tastes great on just about anything!
Here are some more benefits of avocado for your health information. 

I would definitely recommend that if you don't currently eat avocado, to start now and incorporate at least 1 - 2 avocados per week into your eating. Have them in salads, on toast, in pasta dishes or on sandwiches.