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An Abs Exercise Not To Forget - Burpees!

People often ask me what I think of ab-roller, sit ups and other ab exercises and I can't help but cringe. Exercises that focus specifically on your abdominal muscle will not get you a flat stomach. If you want to get 6 pack abs you need to focus specifically on losing stomach fat and functional, abdominal toning exercises.
One exercise that really gets the heart rate going, boosts your metabolism and burns loads more stomach fat than any ab-roller gadget ever will is the Burpee.
Here is an abdominal exercise in disguise and by far one of the most effective abs exercises there is.
It effectively engages your arms, legs, chest and abs all in one exercise. Visit the above link to see how it's done. There are variations on this to make it easier for those of you who haven't done a lot of high intensity training before.
The Burpee essentially starts in the neutral stance with the feet shoulder width apart.
From there we have 3 movements:

  1. Drop down towards the floor (to pushup position) at this position you can either drop your chest to the ground (perform a pushup) or simply come back onto your feet.
  2. Once on your feet again, launch yourself up, jumping as high as you can
  3. Start again
This really gives your abs an awesome workout.
Do 20 of these 3 times and you will definitely feel the result.
So don't forget that the best form of exercise you can do to lose belly fat and tone your stomach is a functional, full-body exercise which also targets your core.