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7 Great Reasons To Eat Oats For Losing Belly Fat

A lot of people go on and on about carbs causing weight loss and many actually think that carbs turn into fat in your body. Well, this is simply a myth. Carbohydrate foods can stimulate weight gain if eaten in large quantities and if certain types of carbs are eaten. In general though, carbohydrates are extremely good for you and very important as a part of any diet. The trick is sorting out the simple sugar carbs from the good quality, raw, mineral-packed, thermogenic (fat-burning) carbs. Oats are one of the latter and here are a few great reasons to eat oats to lose belly fat:
  1. Oats increase stamina - A recent study conducted over three weeks showed that a diet which included oats gave athletes a 4% increase in stamina. Stamina is key to a good workout session which will ultimately result in you losing belly fat.
  2. Oats are high in fiber - In fact they contain more fiber than any other soluble grain. This gives you a fuller stomach for longer, reducing your calorie intake by working as a natural appetite suppressant.
  3. Oats lower cholesterol - The lowered LDL cholesterol effect from oats helps you have a healthier heart overall, giving you a better shot at achieving your health and fitness goals.
  4. Oats help endocrine system function - The endocrine system affects height, weight, metabolism, growth, sexual development, menstruation and many other things in the body. The oat extract, Avena Sativa, has been shown in studies to improve endocrine function.
  5. Oats promote hormonal balancing - Hormones are a major factor in losing belly fat and the same oat extract that helps endocrine function is also shown to help the hormonal system, eliminating xenoestrogens and preventing estrogen dominance, one of the biggest problems in fat loss.
  6. Oats are high in protein (17%) - Oat protein is of a high quality compared to many other proteins and this will help to balance carbohydrate intake in a good ratio to lose belly fat.
  7. Oats are loaded with vitamins & minerals - Good quality, organic oats are a great, natural source of B Vitamins and minerals (mainly calcium). These are all very important for losing fat and getting lean, sexy abs.
In general, oats are really good for you, cheap, tasty and will have an awesome effect on your results. I generally advise to not over-complicate  things and worry about all the different types of oats. Just buy good old fashioned rolled oats and eat them regularly. One awesome way to multiply fat burning results is to add cinnamon to your oats which will have an increased fat burning effect.