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Using Stevia As A Sugar Replacement

People are always trying to cut down on sugar, and many experts agree that this is highly justified, given the many poor health effects of sugar.
Not only does sugar have an extremely high Glycemic Index and is usually highly processed (remember the rule of thumb - the less processed the food, usually the better!) but it can also destroy your metabolism and make weight loss seem like a never-ending nightmare.
So the issue then is very simple - find a sugar replacement!

The problem here is that for many people with a sweet tooth, nothing quite compares to the taste of real sugar. FALSE!

There are many sugar alternatives and if you've been heading down the sugar-free-road for a while now you have probably heard about all of the artificial sweeteners that are available which contain an ingredient called aspartame. The problem with these sweeteners, although they might contain very little or even zero calories, they can mess with your metabolism through hormonal imbalance.

What's great about Stevia?
It's 100% natural, it is quite literally a plant. And it's been used for centuries in cultures around the world. Stevia has only a fraction of the calorific content that sugar has and tastes good too. I'll admit, it has a slightly different taste to it, but if you want to shed some fat and get slim, sexy abs then it's well worth trying it for a couple of months to see how easy it is to adapt.

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